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This book through and complete fundations for the method of almost étale extensions, which is at the basis of Faitings'approach to p-adic Hodge theory. The central notion is that of on "almost ring". Almost rings are thé commutative unitary monoids in a tensor category obtained as a quotient V-Mod/S of thé category V-Mod of modules over a fixed ring V, thé subcategory S consists of ait modules annihilated by a fixed ideal m of V, satisfying certain natural conditions. The reader is assumed to be familiar with general categorical notions, some basic commutative algebra and some advanced homological algebra (derived catégories, simplicial methods). Apart from these general prerequisites, thé text is as self-contained as possible. One novel feature of the book - compared with Faltings' earlier treatment - is the systematic exploitation of the cotangent complex, especially for the study of déformations of almost algebras.

Ofer Gabber
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We develop almost ring theory, which is a domain of mathematics somewhere halfway between ring theory and category theory (whence the difficulty of finding appropriate MSC-class numbers). We apply this theory to valuation theory and to p-adic analytic geometry. You should really have a look at the introductions (each chapter has one).

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This book develops thorough and complete foundations for the method of almost etale extensions, which is at the basis of Faltings' approach to p-adic Hodge theory. The central notion is that of an "almost ring". Almost rings are the commutative unitary monoids in a tensor category obtained as

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Almost ring theory - Introduction. Article in Lecture Notes in Mathematics -Springer-verlag-1800:1-307 · January 2003 with 11 Reads How we measure 'reads' A 'read' is counted each time someone ...


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